Charity News

HIGHFIELD SOCIAL CLUB has its own charity fund used to support local organisations & good causes, if you know of a cause worthy of our support please let us know.

There are now collection boxes for the Highfield Charity Fund on the Bars, your continued generosity has boosted our fund considerably.

A number of our staff & members have entered the ‘Pretty Muddy’ run in Reading on 31st May, please show your support by sponsoring them.

We are pleased to announce that a grand total of £3,250 was raised to assist the residents of Hanover Gardens who were affected by flooding over the Christmas period (2013). The Fundraising evening held on Friday 28th February at the Highfield in association with the Rotary Club of Bicester was a great success & a big thank you goes out to all those who supported the evening.

We have been in contact with YoBs (Youth of Bicester) who are a movement of young people keeping themselves entertained by staging a series of events aimed at helping in the local community. We have agreed to assist for their continuing demand for stationary & art materials to the tune of £500.

The recent fundraiser in memory of our late treasurer featuring Rats in the Kitchen raised £488 on the raffle, thank you for your support

St Edburgs Church – The recent UB40 tribute evening held in memory of our late Treasurer Mr Mick Derry raised £500 for St Edburgs Church.

Medical Detection Dogs – The club has made a donation of £600 following an appeal in April 2012.

Cat Bells – The club has made a donation to a charity providing ‘cat bell’ anti theft devices.

May 2012 Royal National Lifeboat Institute – The recent emptying of the collection box resulted in a donation totalling £72.20.

Race for Life Sponsorship – Natalie Wanless has thanked the club for their contribution to the total of £585 raised for Cancer Research …..’it was a very emotional event, but we felt proud to do something so positive & were very touched by your generosity’

July 2012 RNIB – A recent emptying of the collection box resulted in a donation of £22.09 to the RNIB

June 2012 Marie Curie Cancer Care – Thank you for your recent support in a donation of £17.21.

June 2012 Marie Curie Cancer Care – thank you for your genrous donation of £20.

August 2012 – A recent emptying of the collection box resulted in a donation of £20.50 to Marie Curie Cancer Care.

October 2012 – Thank you for your kind donation of £31.11 to Marie Cure Cancer Care.

January 2013 – The Friends & Parents of Bardwell would like to thank the Highfield for their support in the sum of £53.04